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Thread: Buying a laptop

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    Buying a laptop

    I'm looking to get a laptop for under 500 - there's actually a pretty wide choice but I'm finding it hard to tell exactly what some models include. Most mention a dialup modem as being built in, but the things that are rarely mentioned are bluetooth, LAN & wireless LAN support. I'm not sure if they're not mentioned because every laptop now has these as standard, or because they're just not present in the cheap systems. Can anyone recommend? I've been looking at the DELL laptops if you want to make comparisons against them...

    A side question - are bluetooth and wireless networking actually the same thing - will a laptop EVER support one but not the other?

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    Blue tooth is for connecting to items that are less than 30' away and does not as far as I know allow you connection to the internet. Some of the items that Blue tooth connects with are a cell phone, head set for listening to music, PDA, etc.

    The Dell laptops at as a rule tell you in the specs what they include.

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