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Thread: Should I turn off one Anti Virus while running another

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    Should I turn off one Anti Virus while running another

    Simply, Isn't it better to disable/turn off NAV while running Spybot. I would
    think that by running Spybot or any other Anti Virus, Adware program while
    NAV is running in the background would cause problems.


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    At times some programs might conflict with each other, but, NAV & Spybot should get along. Now the "or any other Anti Virus" part, never run two AV's at the same time ! If you do something like use BitDefender (or any other AV) for an on-demand scan then NAV's resident protection should be disabled, start NAV back up after scan.

    AntiSpy programs & AV's get along with each other, unless noted by the venders...The programs 'Readme' files list such things= BitDefender & SpyBot don't like each other working at the same time

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