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Thread: compaq armada e500 cd-rom

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    compaq armada e500 cd-rom

    does anyone know if there are other cd-roms from armada laptops that are compatible with the e500? I think I have a m300 in my basement but I won't go on a raid for it unless I can use it's cd-rom for my e500. any help would be great.

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    I have an Acer laptop that had a removable cd rom like your's and I replaced it with a dvd cdrw drive.When I asked a vendor that I used often,if he could match up the drive to an Acer 521TE he said they are all interchangeable.The one he sold me was made by Lite On.I just popped off the tray cover and slid it in where my old 24x cd rom was.I think your older cd rom will fit right in there.
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