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Thread: Hardware for listening FM on PC

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    Hardware for listening FM on PC

    Is there any kind of hardware available which enables us to listen FM radio on our PC.Actually i want to listen to FM through my Desktop PC speakers while i,m doing my work on the PC.
    Plz tell me is it possible.
    Muhammad Irfan

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    There are various cards out there such as tv tuner cards and video capture cards that have built in FM tuners as well.I have yet to see a single one made for FM only.There might be a way to do this through software as well but im not sure on that.Here are a few examples.

    There are many there for varying prices.Hope that helps.
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    I listen to French talk and music while working, through msn and yahoo links. It's great. You can choose from stations from all over the world. I'm sure that there are more convenient setups.(re. bhxtyrant). This works for me and it's free. DRB

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    Definitley Internet radio is the way to go with access to hundreds on stations across the globe.. however, if someone has minimal bandwidth then Free-to-Air stations are a great idea (most common is through a analog TV tuner card), or you can download pod-casts overnite, then play during the day on computer.

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    You should check if on the website of the radio station you listen to, to see if they have a live stream. For example I listen to NPR's live stream. Also, you should check in windows media player's station listings and see if your favorite stations are on there.

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