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Thread: No mouse? use windows mouse keys tip

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    No mouse? use windows mouse keys tip


    Here is a great tip for when you have no mouse and need to do things with a mouse.

    On the Start menu:

    * Select Control Panel

    In Control Panel:

    * Be sure you are in Classic View (all Control Panel icons are showing).
    * If not, under Control Panel in the left pane, select Switch to Classic View.
    * Select Accessibility Options.

    In the Accessibility Options dialog box:

    * Select the Mouse tab.

    On the Mouse tab:

    To turn on MouseKeys:

    * Select the Use MouseKeys check box.

    Note To turn off MouseKeys, clear the Use Mousekeys check box.

    o access MouseKeys settings:

    * Be sure that Use MouseKeys is selected.
    * Select Settings

    In the Setting for MouseKeys dialog box:

    * Select the options you want
    * Select OK twice to save your settings and close the dialog boxes.

    o close Control Panel:

    * Select the Close button.

    The number pad is now your mouse and use the number 5 for left click. Pressing ctrl speeds up mouse. tweak as necessary.

    Eggs awesome tip for you folks!

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    Nice tip.

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    Now see, I really needed to see this about a week ago when my mouse died. Really great tip. I will have to remember this information.
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