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Thread: possible virus assistance

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    possible virus assistance

    hey guys,
    A friend of mine is having a bit of PC trouble.I think it may be a virus but i cant determine 100% because my friend i know online only and lives in another country.But her PC keeps randomly rebooting this seems to happen most when she attempts to run her antivirus program or the small virus utility called "stinger" doing a system restore to the last time the PC was running fine didnt help and since she cant seem to do a full virus scan it's becoming a real problem.So i though one of the many online antivirus scanners may be an option that might work.I remember you guys posted a few good ones a long time ago but i am unable to find the link.If anyone knows a good one please post it.

    She is running XP home edition SP2 i will have to find out the rest of her specs tonight when i attempt to do a remote assistance on her PC through MSN to check out her system error logs.I will post more as it becomes avalible.Thanks as always

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    In Your Monitor
    sounds like a driver error

    when you remote be sure to go to system and disable automatic reboot

    you should get the blue screen with the error message.

    could also be memory

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    system error-(102)-1003-n.v.t

    Foutcode; 1000007f, parameter1: 00000008, parameter2: 80042000, parameter3: 00000000, parameter4: 00000000.

    Zie Help en ondersteuning op voor meer informatie.

    I found this error in system errors,seems to correspond with the restart and i disabled auto restart as well,Thanks for the help egg.I will post the blue screen error as well when/if it comes again.It seems to vary in when it occurs.

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    trendmicro has one called housecall that's supposed to be good. there's another at, but you have to hunt around for it. i don't know what it's called.

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