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Thread: Scan Speeds, NAV & KAV

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    Scan Speeds, NAV & KAV

    First off let me thank the moderator and members that have provided me with previous feedback on AV programs, given that I was having so much trouble with my Norton Internet Security 2006.

    I finally dumped NIS 2006 and picked up Kaspersky 6.0.

    KAV 6.0's interface gets a little getting used to having had NIS for so long, but it seems like a much better program.

    One thing that surprises me though is how fast Kaspersky scan speed is. I thought it would be slower but it's not. NAV 2006, would take me 25 minutes to scan two hard drives, KAV takes a quarter of that time.

    Why is that? Is it simply that NAV is a bloated slower program?


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    Not sure but my guess would be just different scanning engines.

    For example, I have both Avast and NOD32. Love 'em both and they both seem to do a good job but on a full system scan NOD32 is hands down the faster of the 2.

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