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Thread: Laptop Power Cord????

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    Laptop Power Cord????

    Hey guys!

    Got a Dell Inspiron 2500 Laptop here from a friend for "a look"

    .ini files were corrupt so we just wiped it and started over as she wants to sell it anyhow.

    Now here's the stays on and loads fine with battery power, however, when the battery is running low and you plug the thing in, it dies within about 10-20 seconds. It will charge with the a/c cord plugged in, however as soon as you turn it on, or, plug into a/c when it is already on it simply shuts off.

    Don't know too much about laptops, but am wondering if it is simply a new cord that is needed or is it something internal? Does it have some kind of mini power supply inside? Again, I know very little about laptops in the hardware area.


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    not sure if its the ac adapter or the battery good test would be to let the battery completely drain(discharge the battery). then with it turned off plug in the ac adapter and charge it up completely. Then boot it up on battery power and plug the ac adapter in and see if you get the same results if so I would have to conclude a bad ac adapter.

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