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Thread: Next in Air Transportation Security

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    Next in Air Transportation Security

    A good friend of mine, is with one of the major airlines. She told me what could be the next security check.

    This is a very touchy one. It seems, that the air industry has now realized, that it will much sooner than later, that the way smugglers take items across bounderies, will the next to be used by those wanting to cause mass harm.

    It is in Body Cavaties ! Guys, you have one, and well, girls we have two such areas. And now, the air industry has to make the decision, on how to approach this issue. But, do not think they will not do so.

    I do a LOT of air travel, and if you think, I am going to do the bend over and spread them, you are way off base. I will just curtail, all of my work that envolves using air transportation.

    I just thought, many of you might want to know what is next.

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    Im already done with the airlines. If they dissappear because of bankruptcy it'll be, because of this stupid political correctness which demands searching every man woman and child (unless your of arab decent) for weapons.

    If they dont learn to profile (basic police, detective work 101) and they dont learn it soon itll be the end of them IMHO and its the govts fault and its the voters who elect such dimbulbs fault. Im having none of it.

    Stop looking for weapons. Look for terrorists and youll find the weapons. 99% of muslims are NOT terrorists but 99% of terrorists ARE muslim. Duhhh! Political correctness has handcuffed common sense for too long now.

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    I'd be kind of keen on how it feels to have my body cavity probed... it might be like something out of star trek... and I guarantee it's where "No Man Has Gone Before" LOL

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    Watching Your every move...
    You ^ ain't right BB

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    I've already been "randomly" tagged and tested at an airport.
    No cavity search took place, but my clothing and hands were tested for explosive materials residue.

    I didn't have to agree to the test but if I refused then I was refused entry to the airport.
    Which was a bit of a joke considering the amount I paid for the ticket I was holding.

    I'm sure if they implement the cavity searches, I'm also sure weirdo's will start going to airports just to be searched.

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