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Thread: Video editing: Ulead Videostudio hangs

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    Question Video editing: Ulead Videostudio hangs

    (Dunno if this forum is appropriate, but...)

    Just installed Ulead Videostudio.

    (Using XP, have plenty of disk space and RAM. The PC just had a complete clean-down by professionals. All other progs working fine. Have Norton running.)

    Ulead Videostudio hangs whenever I try to import from any DVD. 'Not reponding' etc.

    The import gets to 61% and just stops, and it's taking 100% of my CPU. Nothing works, not even 'end program'. Can't then eject the DVD from the drive. (have tried both drives... E and F.)

    I just have to reboot and abandon it.

    It's just not working. Not once.

    Any ideas, please?

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    What version are you using? Have you looked for an update?

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