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Thread: Webcam suggestions

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    Webcam suggestions

    Looking for suggestions on a good webcam for about $50.00 or less. Also, should the microphone be built in, or external ?

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    Hope this doesn't hijack your thread. I'm working with cameras right now for a security system. The built-in mike is super sensitive on the camera from Radio Shack- it picks up everything. Could be a pain dealing with background noise in the room. You'd have more control with an external mike but you also have another bit of clutter on your desk to deal with. More wires and hook-up problems. For a web cam, I'd go with the built-in mic.
    My camera tapes to a Toshiba VHS 12hour, 24hour, or just during an alarm condition. My dilemma is that you can currently get a unit that records to a harddisk, which is only one step from connecting the camera directly to a PC. It would be nice to be able to bundle the video during an alarm and send the bundles off premises to an E-mail acct. or something similar. This would make it impossible for the theives from taking the recording by taking the tape unit or the PC with them. BTW What part of Pa? DRB

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