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Thread: Windows Fax Monitor. What?

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    Windows Fax Monitor. What?

    A while ago i got a whole load of bad things lurking on my PC which prompted me to put on Firewalls and the stuff from the spyware-removal thread.

    The PC is well behaved but I know some bad things are still there waiting for the firewall to be removed - amongst them rundll32.exe and winlogon.exe. Most interesting though is that about 50% of the time when starting up my PC, Windows Fax Monitor is launched. i have no idea why since I don't use faxes and didn't even know this application existed. Is this something bad and in anycase how can I stop it?

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    Go into the Fax Configuration panel and check to see if "Receive" is disabled. IF not disable it.

    Start>All Programs>Accesories>Communications>Fax>Fax Console then click on Tools>Configure Fax. About 2-4 pages into it you will see the place to check for Send\Receive.

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    you can always remove it in the add and remove windows components.

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