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Thread: could someone look at this hijackthis log

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    could someone look at this hijackthis log

    i have put my hijackthis log on as an attatchment. Could one of you with some knowledge of what the entries are take a look at it.

    Each time i open a window with internet explorer it has to block aveneueA from downloading. Along with doubleclick and one other.

    I have run spybot, adaware, ccleaner, and a few other programs. I have also had my antivirus check and checked a couple of online scans. They have detected the files and removed them but they must be hidden in my registry because each time I open InternetExplorer they are back.



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    Your HJ log looks ok to me except..

    "O16 - DPF: {77E32299-629F-43C6-AB77-6A1E6D7663F6} (Groove Control) -"

    Do you have any Bingo or Casino stuff installed on the PC ? if so remove it, also in "Add & Remove" uninstall any odd stuff you know you don't use.

    Download RegCleaner install, run and click on Startup tab, put check in the boxes on everything except your AV, Firewall, click remove. If you have trouble deciding what to remove post a screen shot of the things listed and we'll help.

    After doing that get the programs below and give them a whirl.

    Download (free) ewido and SuperAntiSpyware Home version install and update them.

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