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Thread: How can I find out...?

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    How can I find out...?

    My sound card is working fine but it's too old for Creative to answer a quejstion I have about it. (I did ask). Does anyone know how orl where I can find out what I want to know?

    My Dragon Naturally Speaking Program suggests having a shielded sound card (again electronic noise I guess) would be advisable. And what I want to know is is my soundcard shielded? It's an Audigy Gamer marked SB 1394 (on the instructions that came with it); the model # is 0090.

    By the way am I probably correct that the SB 1394 is referring to the USB port on the card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wumply View Post
    By the way am I probably correct that the SB 1394 is referring to the USB port on the card?
    SB1394 is Creative's IEEE 1394 compatible standard for high-speed (~400Mbps) digital audio transfer. It ensures optimum performance with SB1394 connectivity and IEEE 1394 equipped devices, providing a seamless user experience for transferring massive MP3 collections, DV editing, easy networking and more. It is supported by the SB1394 Certification Program, which is a comprehensive evaluation of devices for technical performance to ensure reliability and user convenience.

    Same as Firewire.

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