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Thread: Unexpected Message involving rundll.exe

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    Unexpected Message involving rundll.exe

    I did a clean install of XP today and everything is pretty much back to normal. I still have a few programs yet to reload. However, I ran into this little problem. I installed the driver I needed for my Radeon 950 AGP card and the required Microsoft NET Framework program. All was well--or so I thought. A bit unhappy with the color scheme--it was not Windows classic-- I right clicked on the desktop, selected "properties" and then the appearance tab. Up comes a pop up titled "rundll.exe--No Disk". It had three buttons: cancel, try again, and continue. Clicking any of them just flashed the message again at me. Clicking on the big X. would not get rid of the warning. However, when I slipped my floppy disk with the picture I have in my desktop on it into the floppy drive, everything was fine. I was able to select the color scheme I wanted and all was well.

    Any ideas on what is causing this and what I should do about it? Download and reinstalled that little DLL? Is this a case where one would do that and if so could I just pop out to Microsoft and download it and install it?

    BTW a couple of hours later I noticed this: I right clicked on the desktop and clicked "properties" and then the "Themes" Tab. That tab's display came up and lo and behold sitting there in the Display Tab's window or view was the Recycle Bin icon!!! (My RB is also quite normally on my desktop and is working fine.)
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    That error is not unique to your situation.

    There are no replies to that group post.

    So I will give it a shot.

    First try to use system restore (perhaps something went haywire with the .NEt framework installation) and sys restore might correct that. Then reinstall .NET framework.

    If that doesn't work try:

    click start,
    click run

    Make sure your windows disk is handy. Pop it in when asked.

    Run the scan.


    Then check to see if this problem persists.

    Next, DISABLE system restore. (right click my computer, properties, system restore tab, disable the check box for system restore on your drive).

    Then install or use your installed AV software. Update to the latest definitions, and run a deep scan or full scan. Make sure there are no viruses present.

    Reboot the computer. Try to see if the error persists.

    If none of that works repost here and we'll see if there's something else that can be done about this.

    Lastly, it could be a botched ATI driver installation. Download the latest verison of driver cleaner:

    Follow the directions for using that program to the letter. Then redownload the ATI driver, and install it.

    More info about the file you are having issues with below:

    Tells what it is, where it's found that how it can be spoofed by viruses to infect your system.

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