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Thread: Egghead's Spyware Removal

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    Exclamation Egghead's Spyware Removal

    hi guys, this one actually caught my attention. my girlfriend's computer has a spyware in her computer. do i need to just reformat it or just follow the steps mentioned from the thread? will it totally remove the spyware?
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    I would follow the steps, speaking from experience, I know that they work. It just takes a little patience. Umm, this is like the 3rd time that I have had to do this or something similiar. Good Luck!
    Oh, and I would put that ccleaner on it, it removes a lot of excess stuff also and its free from file hippo Oh, and they have anti spyware monitoring stuff there too. Try this one ad aware se personal
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    along with these two things SUPERAntiSpyware - ewido, both free for home user, PC germs die fast.

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