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Thread: Sharing internet connection evenly.

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    Sharing internet connection evenly.

    I've now got my ADSL router set up and got my PC and my PS2 connected nicely. However my wife discovered that while I was playing a game on the PS2 the internet was barely usable on the PC.
    Our connection is 2.2Mbit which while not huge is surely more than enough for a game which will play on dialup. Perhaps it was just a coincidence but it seemed like the PS2 was hogging the connection. Is this likely and is there a way to prevent it?
    I'm sure even a 512K ADSL connection would be fine for the PS2...

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    My nefew has an xbox and with his wireless connection and a hard cat5 through a wireless router there is no lag on either end.Maybe you can go wireless or there is some kind of booster out there to use?
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    Check you have the latest firmware for your router. I read somewhere (can't remember where though) that some brands of router have a similar problem to yours and the manufacturers fixed it with a new firmware. Worth a try.

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    What was the outcome of this?

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