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Thread: Ctrl + and Ctrl - not work...

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    Ctrl + and Ctrl - not work...

    If my friend is online and he click View > Txt Size, a small pop-up appears reading smallest, small, large, larger, largest (or something like that.) My XPSP2 is working just fine when I hit Ctrl + or -. BUT when he goes Ctrl+ or Ctrl- nothing changes.

    Now if my friend selects any one of the 5 choices under View > Txt size, whatever choice he selects appears. No problem.

    What can I try to get his XP O/S to increase/decrease size when he hits Ctrl+ and Ctrl-? It was doing that last week.
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    so ctrl++ or ctrl+- doesn't work?
    It works pretty cool in my IE7
    Could it be possibly that you have some kind of zoom software installed?
    My keyboard (Logitech Mx 5000) has a zoom feature which works with browsers. But in Outlook it just scrolls up and down

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    Also if he is using a keyboard like a Logitech or Microsoft among others check the keyboards settings as some allow you to change the default settings of various key combinations.I just got a new Microsoft Keyboard/Mouse set (which also has the zoom feature) and noticed that some things didnt work mainly in photoshop such as ctrl+u ect.

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