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Thread: Man shells out 14k on army tank for supermarket run

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    Man shells out 14k on army tank for supermarket run

    Driver Stephen Ellison keeps bringing traffic grinding to a halt - by going to town in a 7.5 tonne tank.

    The father of one has left other motorists stunned after shelling out 14,000 on a 1974 Sabre light reconnaissance tank.

    Now 42-year old Stephen uses the military vehicle instead of a car for shopping trips - zooming round at up to 40mph near his home in Winsford, Cheshire, drawing astonished looks from fellow motorists and passers-by.

    "Young and old alike are fascinated with it," said Stephen, a former Territorial Army soldier. "It really unites people.

    "The tank's 30mm gun is deactivated and the only thing that really marks it out as different on the highway are the rubber tracks it has fitted to protect the road.

    "But the tank's covered through a classic military vehicle insurance policy, it's taxed at 165 a year, it's MOT exempt and runs on unleaded fuel. But costs about 300 to fill the tank.

    I wonder if he charges hitchhikers for a lift?

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    I would love to have somthin like that in the traffic around here.

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