A ban on using children under the age of 14 as domestic servants or as workers in hotels, restaurants or small teashops went into effect in India on Tuesday amid criticism that the measure is unenforceable.

The ban also prohibits the employment of children in spas, motels, tourist resorts or other recreational centers.

The government earlier banned government officials from employing children to work as domestic servants.

Although India has laws banning child labor in hazardous industries, regulations are widely ignored and tens of thousands of children continue to work in factories manufacturing matches, incense sticks, firecrackers and in the carpet weaving industry.

Social activists say merely tightening the laws will not eliminate child labor, as poor parents put their children to work as soon as possible to contribute to the family income.

Instead, they say, efforts should be made to reduce the abject poverty that drives people to push their children into hazardous jobs.
With over a billion people I think this is going to be quite hard to enforce! But I think it is a step in the right direction. They just need to follow it up with poverty eliminating measures and stiff penalities on employers who hire children.