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    McAfee Site Advisor

    McAfee have released a freeware anti-phishing tool Site Advisor seems Ok to me apart from the obvious privacy concern that it is sending info to them about what sites you visit, check it out and see what you think.

    Better expand a bit so you know it's really worth a look, it detects when you are using the major search engines and adds a colour button next to the returned search results with a rating. You can hover on the button for a precis of info or you can click the button to go to the site advisor page for that site with all kinds of info about what visitors have reported about the site - i.e. spyware downloads, unsolicited email received etc - have a look here for an example.

    For the normal family user it is great and for me it's great - I can find all the dodgy sites much quicker now - woohoo!
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