Iíve been able to get hold of Googleís internal Gdrive client, named ďPlatypus"* (information on the project leaked a while ago). Please note that Gdrive, from what it looks like, is not a product for general release, but a way for Google employees to store and share files.

Googleís Platypus help, which Iíve mirrored here in its Windows and Linux version, says:

We encourage you to keep all of your files with us, including your Office documents, photos, and personal notes, except for sensitive data (including electronic protected health information) and other files inconsistent with the internal user agreement.

As one can expect, I canít get past the login screen after installing Gdrive on my local machine. If Iíd be able to do so, I could synchronize and share files with other Googlers who also installed Gdrive, and also access files with a web browser. The help file states:
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