AT&T is gearing up to launch a couple of new services.

First, the company is promising a $10 per month DSL service as part of a new proposal sent to the Federal Communications Commission this week to help convince Democratic commissioners to vote for its $80 billion merger with BellSouth.

AT&T didn't say in its letter to the FCC specifically if the $10 price would only be a limited-time offer. But it did say it would offer the service, which will provide up to 768 kilobits per second, for at least 30 months after the BellSouth merger closes. The promotion is an aggressive move to get dial-up users to switch to broadband. AT&T has been selling a promotional offer in the $12 to $15 range for over a year. Verizon Communications, which doesn't compete in AT&T's markets, offers a similar 768kbps service for about $15 a month.

Cheap DSL isn't the only thing AT&T has in the pipeline. It's also preparing to launch a new voice over IP service for its U-verse customers, according to the web site U-verse Users, which claims it found the information on AT&T's secure Web site. AT&T is offering higher speed DSL service and TV service as part of U-verse over a newly upgraded network.

Some of the features expected as part of the new VoIP service include the use of existing phones, integrated caller ID that appears on TV screens, and U-verse messaging that lets users get all their home phone and Cingular Wireless voice mail in one place either by PC or by phone.