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Thread: LAN connection does not receive

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    LAN connection does not receive

    hello, i'm hoping anyone could help me here.

    im using a P4M800-M mother board, 1.6g processor, 512mb pc 400 ram, 160 gb hard drive, running on win xp sp2. also using the onboard LAN

    the LAN setup here is... 2 desktop PCs, and a laptop are connected to a Linksys broad band router,which is connected to the DSL modem.

    i have set the IP add manually and also have configured the router to recognize the PCs

    all things are working fine for a couple of months now, butrecently a problem arised.

    the above mention PC have seized to connect to the LAN. but the other PC and the laptop connects to the network just fine.

    no error messages or so. the Local Area Connection the in the right of the start menu does not appear to tell any error messages.

    it just wont surf the net, YM, or go battle net etc. basically it does not receive or maybe even send data out.

    i tried:
    -reinstalling the lan driver. and nothing happens
    -ping other PCs and failed to send any. ping the router and also nothing.
    -removed the manually configured IP and it said "limited or no connectivity"

    the disappearance of the connection does not appear to instant. it was a gradualy decrease of internet and LAN services.

    any idea how i can solve this?

    *prays that i dont need to reformat, buy new ethernet, or reinstall windows.

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    Borrow a known good ethernet card, install it and see if that solves the problem. I have had two on-board ethernet connections this past year that just would not function. Ethernet cards are inexpensive. I keep several on hand. It is the third check (the first is cable connections; the second is rebooting the router) that I make when bumping up against connection problems.

    Here is a source for cheap cards. I have had good luck with the Hiro.|c:200|&Sort=4

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    It is also worth adjusting the settings for the card. It will be default set to Auto-Negotiate for LAN speed, try 10 and or 100Mbs and both Full Duplex and Half Duplex - all combinations. Sometimes the OnBoard cards just don't auto-negotiate well.
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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