Boston's nickname is Beantown, but Pumpkintown might also apply now.

Bostonians on Saturday lit 30,128 pumpkins on Boston Common, shattering the world record for the most jack-o'-lanterns lit in one place.

"It's fantastic," said Jim Laughlin, a spokesman for Life is Good, the Boston clothing company that sponsored the event. "We've been going after this record for a long time."

The old record of 28,952 lit pumpkins had been held since 2003 by Keene, New Hampshire. That city tried to keep up with their own attempt Saturday, but lit only 24,682 pumpkins.

I think that would be fun, but extremely wasteful. We ordered pumpkins from America and had them shipped to Japan for $20 each... I can't imagine using 30,000 of them for a record. Still it sounds like fun.