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Thread: Porsche Carrera GT accident

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    Exclamation Porsche Carrera GT accident

    Some jerkies from Jersey driving by in their car notice a Porsche Carrera GT that just bit the dust. The car looks to be totalled, though you don't get to see the real damage. Hate to see such a beautiful car end its life in that way.

    Picture above representing what a typical Carrera GT looks like.

    From the Nürburgring to the tracks at Daytona and Le Mans, Porsche has earned a unique place in motor racing history at virtually every track in the world. Carrera GT, Porsche's premium sports car with its V10 engine provides more than 600 horsepower with an array of cutting edge technologies including a ceramic composite clutch and brakes beneath its carbon-reinforced body. This video describes the history around Porsche's Carrera GT.

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