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Thread: The Death of Youtube

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    Exclamation The Death of Youtube

    Lately in the news there have been several reports of Youtube clamping down on the available content due to copyright violations. Whilst this has always happened it seems that ever since the Google takeover, Youtube is getting hammered with requests to pull down more and more content due to it violating copyrights.

    From the Japanese who've had over 29,000 videos removed:

    In the first major mass removal of content in its history, YouTube has removed nearly 30,000 videos after being contacted by a number of Japanese rights-holders, according to the Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC). The group says that its members found 29,549 videos on YouTube that contain unauthorized materials taken from Japanese sources, including movies, music videos, and television. Japanese broadcast giant NHK was among those seeking the removal of materials.
    To even Viacom hitting them up to remove files:

    It is not known which clips YouTube was asked to remove. But on Monday, thousands of Viacom clips of varying lengths of up to about 10 minutes each remained available on the top video-sharing service.

    The source said Viacom, owner of the Comedy Central cable network, had sent a letter last Friday requesting that some of its shows -- including the popular "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart", "The Colbert Report" and those from MTV Networks and BET -- be purged from the site.
    One has to wonder if this is the end of Youtube? Will there be any content worth watching once all the media cartels have hit Youtube below the belt.

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    This along with other issues is why helloworld will become the place to be....great for all aspects of communication/sharing it is actually cheap for all that you get as a retail customer....vmail, video IM, tv broadcasting for those who want to show their talents to the world, blogging with live streaming video, they have it all...just take a look see doods....
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