I’ve posted a story about the MPAA’s piracy stats, and that NY is the pirate capital of the world. In the post I said that it was hard to track down the source of CAM releases, but that was a mistake.

cap codeAlthough I’m familiar with the watermarks that are put in DVD’s, I never realized that theater releases are marked as well (see picture for the “dot pattern”).

However, sometimes release groups find a way to remove these watermarks. An example can be found in the NFO of the Mission Impossible III release by SaGa. In the NFO SaGa thanks ORC, for helping them out with “de-dotting” the release.

Here’s an interesting email I received from a reader who actually worked for an anti-piracy company. Some good info, and useful tips and tricks that “might” keep pirates under the radar.


Seems like they are trying their best to track this sort of thing. I can understand them trying to prevent losses like this from happening and fully think they should try stop it.

I do however think it's futile. So the best of luck to the MPAA on their attack of pirated cam'd movies and such. I find it shocking that New York is the camcorder pirate capital... I would think Shanghai or Hong Kong would be. Or someplace in east Asia.