Yeah, you know you like to kill time by watching YouTube videos when you should be working on those reports that are due Monday. You know it is a bad habit, but you do it anyway. Well, I am not going to help you cheat your company out of cash; I am only offering a suggestion under the table to help you browse the Web at work.

The BrowseAtWork extension for Firefox allows you to view Web sites anonymously. Here is a little more inside information from the developers:

Allows you to open the current page, or a link on the current page, anonymously with by adding a shortcut to the context menu. Ideal for viewing Web pages blocked by many corporate or school filters. Licensed under the GNU GPL.

To get a little more inside information on how to use this extension, go check out the official Web site. From there you can learn why it was created and how to best use it.

This Firefox extension is for versions 1.5 and up of the browser. To pick it up for yourself so you can hide where you have been going, you can do so at the Mozilla Update Web site.
From: The Lockergnome Newsletter