I have lately been getting messages that I know for a fact are not scams on Thunderbird. However each time, Thunderbird thinks it's a scam and a little warning pops up. I have to click the button or it stays there indefinitely.

I don't really think it's such a big problem, especially if it does block genuine spams, but it's an annoyance.

I have tried adding the sender's name to my address book, and so on... but no matter what it continues to popup the scam warning when I receive the Lockergnome Newsletter.

So I looked for a way to turn it off in case I ever truly get sick of seeing it. And this is what I found:

disable it:

1. Open Options or Preferences (this will be under the Tools menu on Windows, Thunderbird on Mac, or Edit on Linux).
2. Click on Privacy (there should be a big padlock icon).
3. Click on the E-mail Scams tab.
4. Disable the “Check mail messages for email scams” option and click on Close.
That seems to work effectively. However for now I will leave it on, just in case. But who knows about the future. I may just decide I've had enough and turn it off.

It would be nice if there were a safe list or something for the scam warning that I could put a list of safe senders in.....