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Thread: Shared Folder??

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    Unhappy Shared Folder??

    I have to systems linked together thru 10/100 nic's. For the most part "most" things work well witht eh excepts od two main problems:

    1) Why on my slave CP can't I share all folders. I select C: and said told it to share the entire drive and all subfolders but it does nothing. I had to go into each folder and tell it to share one at a time. After this was done I discovered I could not share anything in the Program Files folder or the Windows folder.
    Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    2) Every few days it seems my pc's stop seeing each other and I cannot access any folders. The quick fix is to just use the repair option and things work again. This is fine since both PC's are only a few feet apart but I plan on moving the one pc to the other end of the house. Any thoughts?

    Both pc's are using windows XP Pro with a peer to peer network

    thanks guys

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    I recommend you to visit that site above and read through it thoroughly. Make sure you have configured your network properly.

    YOu might also want to check this site out.

    specifically take a look at the following from that site:

    They have tons of tutorials setup on this very issue.

    Something you might consider:
    check to see if you have a firewall, if so you might want to disable it by default when using your network. Check both XP and any third party software you might have installed.

    If you have a router you might want to check to see if it is allowing traffic through your network. Might need to set up a DMZ of some sort.

    Hope that helps,

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    One thing I have found is that you can't share the Program Files or My Documents folders....BUT you CAN share folders inside thos folders! I have a folder inside Program Files shared and it shows up just fine(eDonkey\Incoming) But if I go to c:\Program won't let me in!!

    Hope that helps...

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