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Thread: Arrested for Epilepsy

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    Lightbulb Arrested for Epilepsy

    Roughly 3 million Americans live with epilepsy. And a surprising number of them go to jail for it.

    Read the Rest to find out why.

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    so very good of you bb to make ppl aware of this medical condition. so many ppl only think of grand mal seizures when they consoider seizure victims. i think it is abhorious of the "to protect and to serve" community to be so ignorant of medical maladies such as this and not recognize one of the most basic signifiers of a known medical condition, the medical alert bracelet. what, did they not notice it on him as they cuffed him? they should be instructed on many of the lesser known medical conditions that may cause a person to react in the way that this man did, and as part of their punishment for handling this siutuation so poorly, give presentations to other police departments on what conditions may cause a person to have misperceived reactions to their questioning and restraint. bravo to you, bb, bravo.

    It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.
    - Thomas Sowell

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