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Thread: Those considering switching Anti-Virus

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    Those considering switching Anti-Virus

    After seeing a few threads on changing AV programs I wanted to add my thoughts.

    I have been with Norton AV and NIS since 2000. After ongoing frustration due to crashes, memory issues and poor customer service, I finally dumped Norton altogether this year.

    When I dumped NAV, I started a thread here asking for some suggestions as to where to go to next and was given some great information. I tried some freeware (some good ones out there) and finally settled on a AV program recommended here (not freeware though).

    My point to all this is that there are some very good freeware and alternate anti virus/firewall programs out there.

    If you are considering dumping your Norton (or McAffee) then do it. There is nothing to consider. These are bloated, has been programs, outclassed long ago.

    A friend recently bought a very fast, dual core processor PC. When he got it home it was almost the same speed as his old system. His PC came preinstalled with a 60 trial version of Norton 2006 (and all the Norton fixins).

    He says to me, "I thought I bought the Lambourgini of computers". I told him "You did, but with Norton on there it's like having a Lambourgini with a 500
    pound anvil in the passenger seat".


    ask some questions, do a little research and

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    So what AV are you using ?

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    NOD 32 - works great for me.

    Many thanks to egghead for the cool .sig

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    I use our corp mcafee and havent had any issues with viruses or memory hogs. I use to use norton myself until I sent a member a file with a virus after it said it was clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petard View Post
    NOD 32 - works great for me.

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    I used to use norton as well.Recently my 1 year subscription ran out and i decided to go to Avast.Havent regreted it yet.PC is alot faster and it seems to do the job just as well.

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    My 2c worth ... if you're paying good money for it then NOD32 (as suggested above) and Kapersky.

    If you want free stuff ... read this from one of the most respected computer security experts on the planet ...

    Hope it helps.


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