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Thread: Another question on laptops....

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    Question Another question on laptops....

    Upgrading, updating a customers computer, loaded with viruses and at last count 1461 pieces of spyware..... and this gentleman would like to buy a durabook laptop for his vacationing and has asked me about a Durabook.

    I've checked on the durabook briefly but can't seem to find one with a large enough screen, 14 inches is not acceptable, he'd like 15 or widescreen. Does Dell sell a more durable laptop? His concern is that he will be out on a boat quite often, thus the desire for the Durabook.

    Could someone chime in on thoughts about the Durabook, where to find one with a larger screen, or perhaps Gateway sells a more "durable" notebook.

    As always, I bow in thanks!


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    And a very good site that details durable and rugged laptops with varying specs:

    Honestly what I would tell him is to buy a kickass Dell, and purchase the onsite warranty, extended warranty and so on... then if the machine breaks down, he's just a phone call and a service visit away from having it repaired or replaced.

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