Satellites, cell phones and spectrometers: Probably not the first things you think of when you picture sheep and goat herders in Afghanistan. But those modern tools may soon make the lives of nomadic families a little more stable.

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Great that the US is helping out farmers in Afghanistan. This should help slow down albeit marginally the opium poppy fields that tend to be the main crop coming out of that region.

It was really interesting that they use manure to get an effective measure of herd health. I wonder if that technique could apply to humans?

Imagine a medical kiosk, where you back up, drop a load, they analyze it in a few minutes and then you get your results printed out. If there's a medical emergency you are sent to a hospital that gets your poopometer results and has staff on standbye waiting for your visit.

I think this could usher in a whole new realm of health care for humans, all with poopology at the forefront.