An interesting rundown on methods to improve your cardiovascular system using 99 different methods.

Everything from the traditional:

Exercise all the way to ingesting more vitamin C.

An extract from the list:

1. Rise and dine. In a study of 3,900 people, Harvard researchers found that men who ate breakfast every day were 44 percent less likely to be overweight and 41 percent less likely to develop insulin resistance, both risk factors for heart disease.

6. Grill a steak. You may think itís bad for your heart, but youíd be wrong. Beef contains immunity-boosting selenium as well as homocysteine-lowering B vitamins. And up to 50 percent of the fat is the heart-healthy monounsaturated variety.

27. Feast on potassium. Slice a banana on your cereal, then bake a sweet potato or cook up some spinach for dinner. All are loaded with potassium. Studies show that not getting your daily 3,500 milligrams of potassium can set you up for high blood pressure. Other good sources of potassium include raisins, tomatoes, and papayas.

53. Watch a scary movie. Anything that causes your heart to race - slasher flicks, a good book, even being in love - also makes your heart stronger, according to researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Upsetting the rhythm once in a while is like hitting your heartís reset button, which helps it keep on ticking.
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