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Thread: The Hawaiian Good Luck Sign

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    Lightbulb The Hawaiian Good Luck Sign

    In January 1968, the US Navy electronic surveillance ship USS Pueblo was quietly lurking off the east coast of North Korea, its assorted antennae pricked to absorb any kind of interesting electronic transmissions. There was little doubt that the North Koreans would cease any intelligence-worthy communications if they learned that the "environmental research" ship was eavesdropping, so the Pueblo's crew operated...
    Read the Rest of the Damn Interesting Story:

    OK the title was misleading but it was involved with this story and adds a bit of humor and shows what role culture can play in communication.

    Sounds like the member of the USS Pueblo had one hell of a time and a damn fine story to tell to grandchildren.

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    Love that website!

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    excellent find.. i will enjoy reading through the Damn interesting articles!

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