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Thread: Anyone Following the James Kim Story?

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    Exclamation Anyone Following the James Kim Story?

    Man I've been watching this from the beginning and it's been one hell of a story. James Kim and his family (wife and 2 daughters) go on a trip for Thanksgiving, on the way back they get lost and stuck in their car up in some mountain in Oregon (Lynchknot where were you when we needed you?) and then survive for 9 days in the car, eating berries, giving the kids breast milk, burning the car tires for warmth, and then after the 9th day, the dad, James Kim decides he's going to go save the family and look for help.

    Soon after the wife and kids are spotted (by a helicopter that the Kim family had to hire themselves) [What the hell is up with Oregon's rescue squad, why no helicopters????]... and the mother was outside shining an umbrella she had taped reflective tape to to attract the helicopter's attention, and the children and mother were saved.

    The dad, still out marching goes on for around 8 miles with street clothes on in a mountainous snow storm out in the middle of BFE Oregon. They eventually find him after more time (again with the same helicopter that the family hired), and supposedly he was barely holding on by the time they reached him.. he eventually succumbs to the cold and died.

    It was one really heart wrenching story, but that Dad in my book is a hero and deserves some sort of medal. He risked his life to save his kids and that's what true fathers and heroes do!

    Read more on the tragic story below:

    RIP James Kim.

    As an aside, take a look at survival tips if you ever get caught in the snow and can't free your vehicle:

    General tips for Stuck in the Snow Survival:

    Another piece on snow survival:

    These things seem like trivial matters until you ever have to use them, then they could actually save your life.

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    Yeah, I noticed. Horrible story... RIP, Kim...

    That said, it shows how dangerous it can be to rely on technology (like a car) to work all the time.

    One of the most important tips if you're going over a mountaineous roud where it's possible that you might get stuck is having proper clothing with you.

    A collapsible spade for getting the car out of a snowdrift and snowchains if you don't have studded tyres might be a good investment as well - even if the car is a 4x4.

    Also, keeping a blanket or two and a first aid kit in the car might be smart any time of the year.

    Also, the tip in one of your links for being wary of the exhaust gas from the car if you're stuck is important. I haven't heard any stories in here in Norway of people freezing to death when their car was stuck, but I've heard of people suffocating from exhaust fumes when their car got stuck.

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    The route that James Kim took plotted out with google maps and the GPS information that the rescue workers used.

    The marked locations include the following:

    -the car's location
    -where Jim left the road
    -where the pants were found
    -where the other atricles of clothing were found
    -where Jim's remains were found
    -the location of the Black Bar Lodge

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