A new e-mail worm has surfaced that uses the terror attacks of Sept. 11 to lure victims, antivirus groups say.

The worm has the subject line "All people" and appears to be from "main@world.com." It has an attachment titled "11September.exe." According to antivirus company McAfee.com, the worm starts a mass mailing to all people found in Microsoft's Windows and Outlook address books.

The worm is believed to have originated in Russia. But according to McAfee, the programming is buggy and it fails to work on many systems. The company classified the worm as a low-level threat.

"This seems to be a poor attempt from a wannabe virus writer to exploit the commemoration of Sept. 11," Mikko Hypponen, manager of antivirus research at F-Secure, said in a statement. "However, as the worm seems to crash regularly, it won't go far."

Source: News.Com

This is a disgrace, some sick bastards seem to get their kicks out of exploiting others when they are vulnerable. Stupid bunch of amatures cant even conjure an effective working virus