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Thread: Photoshop CS3

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    Photoshop CS3

    I have started to use (test) Photoshop CS3.

    So, far, I have sent them a couple of dozen bugs for sure.

    I suggest that unless you like to play with "bugs" wait a while, for a later release.

    The bug hunt was fun for a while, but got old real fast.

    I got not enough memory errors (I have 4 gigs of RAM, and a 500 Gig hard drive).

    I got Video card / processor not sufficient. (I have the latest dual 9XXX card setup from nVidia and I think it is 1 gig of total video memory, plus a graphics accelerator card).

    Just to let everyone know.

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    That sounds like one smokin machine there Lil Pilgrimette

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    So my poor 1-gig RAM 80-gig harddrive wouldn't stand a snowball's chance. Thanks for the heads-up.

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    love, piaqt

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    I ended up sticking with the original Photoshop CS,CS2 didnt really show any improvment for me other then a large ammount of slowdown and seemed to use alot more system resources.So i dont think i will go with CS3 anytime soon.From what you said i wouldnt dare to thats one beast of a PC if that thing cant handle CS3 then no way mine could lol.

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