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Thread: Which router

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    Which router

    My Linksys BEFSR41 router just died and I need to purchase another router. Since the current one lasted from Jan of 2003, I was going to buy another Linksys BEFSR41 from Newegg for about $33.00 after rebate. I also see they have a D-Link EBR-2310 in the same price range. Opinions please on which is the better router. I was also checking at Best Buy, and when I read the requirements for the D-Link, it only mentions Windows 2000 ??? I will be connecting a computer running XP Pro and a computer still running Windows 98SE. Thanks for your opinions and recommendations

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    Home use routers are a mature technology. If you could "head to head" testing of the various brands, it is unlikely that you would find anything other than tiny performance differences.

    I don't need a router right now, but I am considering buying one later today to keep as a spare. It not only has wireless capability, it has four wired ethernet connections and is an internet gateway. That means that it will also be a spare for my dsl modem. All that for $29 with no rebate.

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    thats the one I have and havent had any real issues with it. got it since its the 108mbs wireless for my laptop and 2nd story office pc. 34.99 is a great price for the speed.

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    Here is one that you can use for WiFi and wired internet.

    This one is good because there is many different firm ware linux destros out there for it and you can get it to do whatever you need.

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