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Thread: Firefox Extensions To Stay Away From

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    Firefox Extensions To Stay Away From

    "This topic is in constant evolution so the info might be enriched each day. Your collaboration is a key part on that.

    The purpose of this thread is to make people aware of some tactics used in extensions considered by some people not worthy of the AMO ( "trust" seal. It has also the purpose of discussing the AMO quality standards and the views on these and other extensions that might be considered harmful for common non-tech-savvy users.

    At the end of September meatus brought to light to the mozillaZine community the actions made by a set of extensions build upon the same code base. Those extensions were collecting data and uniquely identifying users without notifying them. This caused some stir into the community as most of the people thought that AMO had a high quality standard and sought to protect users from such tactics, things that we realized weren't true. AMO doesn't even have a policy for extension submitting.

    After that a lot of discussion was done (you can read the full thread here). Some people treating them as Spyware and some others saying they weren't doing anything wrong. The AMO stand on this was mostly ignoring it.

    The issue picked up more heat when the developers submitting these extensions started to systematically abuse the system because of an AMO code bug (we can't call it a real bug but AMO put too much trust into developers). They started to bump their extensions into a daily basis effectively hijacking the AMO newest listing. This brought more people concerned about the issue and made some, like me, start a deep review of an extension's inners as well as learning about all the facts about them. The findings are posted at the old thread. RenegadeX posted a complaint into Remora (the next iteration of AMO codebase) Idea Dump that is a page for discussing/proposing changes for this new AMO revision."

    The list of extensions are about halfway down the page (93) of them.

    Thanks to Gary for this

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    WHy don't they just remove them instead of posting it in a forum thread? Most of them were disabled by the administrator of the AMO... so why do they leave them up?

    Nice list... luckily I don't use any on that list of 93.

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    funny how almost every one has "toolbar" in the title or description!



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