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Thread: Send to multiple recipients? bulk emailings?

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    Send to multiple recipients? bulk emailings?

    Hello, I hope I'm in the right forum.

    My server has been restricting the number of recipients to whom I can send out my forwards. They've gotten too unreasonable so I started looking for a provider that will do just that and nothing more. But the dozens I viewed and discussed with, throw in lots of other things I don't need and charge too much. I believe they call it "bulk emailing" and/or "listserv" sometimes they call them differently.

    A friend told me she has time Warner Road Runner which allows 1000 sendouts per month!!! But when I called them I was told they allow only 50 (must've been a past deal). My list doesn't have a 1000 names but it'd be nice to know one won't bump into server obstacles. I've been burning my eyes on many sites for weeks now and frustratingly finding nothing! Some of them are difficult for me to understand and it takes forever for them to answer my questions.

    I thought I had it made when I found Intellicontact, but after spending a lot of time filling out those interminable forms...they tell me they don't send out "FORWARDS" which is what I mostly do (important messages I receive from other lists, I send out to my own list...)

    Though I dislike Yahoo I thought I'd form a listserv group but I simply couldn't get to the groups and their support is nil. I feel no matter where I direct my reaching out...nothing ever happens!

    So sorry for lengthy post, and thanks ever so much for any help! Adela

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    Very doubtfull you'll find one with the war on spam. Maybe ya should just create a blog and send your followers there for your latest updates.

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