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Thread: If the internet is the next tv's then here's a glimps of the pioneers

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    If the internet is the next tv's then here's a glimps of the pioneers

    So where can you watch television shows online?

    There are a ton of web sites showing clips of television shows and showing made for Internet shows. But in this list I wanted to only list web sites that had full-length episodes

    of television shows. Most of these web sites offer VoD (Video On Demand), that means you can start any movie or TV show any time you like and pause the video.

    Also most of the web sites listed here don't make you pay for the videos. They are free. So check out this list of where to
    watch free tv online

    . Enjoy.

    Now I can't wait for the real TV stations to follow suite. I really don't mind having to watch the commercials too if it means I can watch my favorite shows on demand. New technology not found here can stream high def episodes in real time without dropouts such as Vividas technology.

    Learn more and see a dvd quality streaming trailers from this thread I posted way back in May 2005.

    Wonder why this tech is not mainstream.... oh ya. copyright issues!

    Come on tv stations and studios and get on the bandwagon and use the internet as a new satellite or broadcast shortwave radio revenue generator.


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    I guess this is what IPTV will start making mainstream?

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