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Thread: VPN and peer-to-peer network.

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    VPN and peer-to-peer network.

    Using a win2K machine and a Linksys BEFVP41 router as endpoints, I am able to create a tunnel. However, the win2K machine and the machines behind the BEFVP41 do not seen each other in Explorer. However, using Find Computer and the static IP address, they do see each other.

    When I take the tunnel down and Connect the win2K machine to the LAN by cable, there is no problem among all the machines (98SE,2K,XP) seeing each other. any thoughts?


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    Welcome to the forum eyeshades. Post often as we love a challenge..

    I have 2 links for you that may help if you have not already researched them..


    Linksys Support

    Please post back if this does not help. Also if it does please let us know what you found..........

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