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Thread: Hey, I had it first!!!!

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    Hey, I had it first!!!!

    Apparently some guy in Jersey named Keith Urban is misleading people into thinking "he" is the real Keith Urban.

    If I decide to goahead and register my domain name, then some chick on American Idol gets big with the same name.....well.....

    Hey, I had it first!

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    Lol, they are really beating this story up in Australia... I agree that the website could be misleading if you didnt know. He could have at least put in a disclaimer and link to the 'Music' website.

    But generally, i dont think famous people should try to sue/hijack domain names back. I'm sure if you asked nicely or worked with them then everything would be fine. Just be loyal to your fans...

    So sharon, what is your domain name? I missed the latest Idol series... Just dont bow to the legal pressures!

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