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Thread: Dual monitor (WinXP)

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    Dual monitor (WinXP)

    My new PC has a Radeon X1300 card which I can only assume is a PCI-X card. Unfortunately it doesn't have two monitor outputs, just a single VGA output.

    I want to be able to support two monitors. I wonder if I'm best buying a card with two outputs, or adding another card to the existing one?

    Can you recommend some cards suitable? I should make it clear I don't play games on this PC so I don't need an amazing GPU. I don't want a card which uses my system memory though, I'm guessing a reasonably basic 256Mb card would be quite cheap?

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    A few choices:

    PCI Card

    PCI X Dual DVI

    PCI X Dual DVI with Crossfire technology

    Another possibility is to use a KVM switch to quickly switch from one CPU to another. This is the one I am using.

    Zonet 4 port KVM
    Linux Mint Debian Edition

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