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Thread: Copying VHS tapes to DVDs.

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    Copying VHS tapes to DVDs.

    I guess this is a software question...

    Anyhow I want to copy VHS tapes to DVD. And I will do this on a computer running Vista Home Preferred edition (which has Microsoft's Media Center) and that will allow me to connect the VCR to the computer.

    Now since I want only parts of my many tapes (and I have a lot), it seems to me there are 2 ways I can do this. One is to record the entire tape to the HDD and then edit out the parts I don't want, and title or "chapterize" what remains. The 2nd. way would be to play the tapes on my TV first and note the hour/minutes counter readings for the start and end of the parts I want and then copy only those parts to the HDD--and then add the titles.

    If one method is most efficient or easiest, which one and why? Or is it a case of 6 of 1, half-dozen of the other?

    Oh and will Windows Media Center have the editing tools I need to select parts AND to add titles/chapter headings?
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    I have never done this, but I think it would make more sense that you can see what is int the tape thru the PC, so you can basically start recording when you want, not the whole tape.
    The software that you are watching the vhs content should allow you to do this.
    As I said, since I never tried it, I can't recomend a software, but it should be any software that it is also used to play TV, after all you will connect the vhs to the input in the tv card.
    So, with that approach in mind in what you should look for the tools. It should help you save time and hard drive space (and lots of hours editing as well)

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    VHS copying is harder to achieve compared to digitial Video from a cam-corder.

    Not sure if you have all the equipment, but you will need a TV-In port as well as line-in for the audio. Some Sound cards have these ports, on other systems, its the video card that has the features.

    Most difficult is with onboard audio and perhaps an analog TV-tuner card.

    Your best bet, would probably to use the standard RF-Antenna input into an analog TV-tuner card. THen simply watch your VHS through the program with the tv-card (typically a PVR), then press record/stop etc via that program.

    GOod luck.

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