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Thread: Windows XP to be discontinued in early 2008

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    Windows XP to be discontinued in early 2008

    Microsoft's plan to phase out OEM shipments of Windows XP, the predecessor to the new Windows Vista platform, is not sitting well with some observers, based on Internet-driven feedback.

    According to a Microsoft Life-Cycle Policy Web page, Microsoft plans to discontinue shipments of Windows XP to OEMs on January 31, 2008. The page also said retail licenses will be discontinued at that time. Edi...


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    Too bad. I really think that XP is the best that they have done.

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    This will be a big problem for some companies.. the slow adopters are going to be caught out. I like the idea of stock-piling XP retail eBay anyone?!

    I wonder if M$ can just drop the Vista Branch, and go back to XP trunk

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