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Thread: toshiba tecra s2 cdrw/dvd rom problem!!

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    Exclamation toshiba tecra s2 cdrw/dvd rom problem!!

    hey friends !
    I have a toshiba tecra s2 which has tsst corp cdw/dvdw ts-l462a after the laptop is on for some time the drive is dead and its ot even detected by the my computer it does not even open .
    and when i restart the laptop its redetected and one more problem is its not reading cds but it is reading dvds woth out any problem any solutions for this problem? thanks!

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    you might have to take it to a service centre... it could be a loose wire, and has it heats up it disconnects..

    has the laptop been damaged in any way, i.e. dropped or dirtied?

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